Wheel Alignment Service in Portsmouth

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Enhance your vehicle's performance with our Hunter Hawkeye 4 Wheel Alignment service in Portsmouth. Make 4-wheel alignment a vital part of responsible motorists' servicing procedures, ensuring optimal benefits:

Extend Tyre Life

Combat unnecessary tyre wear by scheduling a Hunter Hawkeye 4 Wheel Alignment annually or every 12 – 15,000 miles.

Fuel Efficiency Boost

Reduce fuel consumption with minimized rolling resistance, achieved through precise 4-wheel alignment service and proper tyre pressures.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Save money and contribute to a greener environment by preventing premature tyre wear and enhancing fuel efficiency!

Enhance Handling

Correct handling issues and enjoy a smoother ride with our expert 4-wheel alignment service.

Ensure Safety

Prioritize safety by addressing misalignments affecting handling and potentially making your car unsafe.

Expectations from our Hunter Hawkeye 4-Wheel Alignment Service

Comprehensive Measurements

Our Hunter Imaging Wheel Alignment System assesses 14 primary angles, including camber, caster, thrust line, and toe in or toe out.

Efficient Process

The initial measurement takes 15–25 minutes, and our alignment technician discusses the findings and necessary adjustments with you.

Personalised Printout

Receive a detailed 'Before and After' measurement printout, ensuring the work meets your satisfaction.

Choose A1 Automac for your 4-wheel alignment Service in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Drive confidently with our expert alignment services.